Make History

21st century heritage building project

Until 2016, no extensive repair or building project works had been needed since the 1850-51 church restoration.  By 2016 the entire stone tile north roof slopes required urgent attention and amenities were needed.  Following a combination of successful fundraising and grant applications, the entire north roof was removed, structural repairs carried out and the roof re-laid.

In addition, the first phase of new building work was planned.  The aim was to both enhance the church and ensure it had the amenities to expand the size and nature of the events that could take place within it. 

Thus, the Make History project was born, plans were worked on and approved, and fundraising and further grants sought.   Now, as a result of many peoples’ endeavours and specialist skills, donations and grants, we are blessed with a beautiful annex on the north side of the church, which neatly contains a small vestry, kitchenette and disabled loo.  Prior to the new building, if water was needed in the church, it had to be taken from the churchyard tap!

As a result of the new annex, it has been possible to renovate one of the oldest parts of the church within the Knight’s Chapel. Previously, the area had been boarded up to house the vestry (office and priests’ changing area). Now, behind a fully restored medieval screen, there is a small chapel for prayer and reflection, which can be used by anyone visiting the church seeking such a space.  Within the chapel there is a prayer tree and visitors are invited to write their prayers and wishes on the labels provided and attach them to the tree.  These are collected and the congregation prays for them at Sunday services.

Raise the Roof Campaign St AndrewsIn recent months we have turned our attention to raising £330,000 to carry out urgent roof repairs to all south and east roof slopes in 2025.  This will involve the complete reroofing of the slopes, requiring a specialist team and the purchase of Cotswold quarried stone tiles as many tiles will not be able to be used again. Additional urgent building repairs such as masonry will be carried out when the specialist building team is on site and scaffolding erected.  We have already managed to raise £100,000 towards the cost as a result of fundraising since the completion of the last building works in 2018. Recently we launched our ‘Raise the Roof’ Buy a Tile (or several please!) appeal.  These can be purchased for £25 each.  You will receive a certificate from the PCC thanking you for the donation and your name and dedication will be recorded in our Roof Appeal donations book.  (You can do this in person, or we can do it for you if you are contributing remotely).  Please get in touch with our Treasurer, Michael Constable if would like to contribute. His details can be found on the donations page.

If you would like to donate to our Make History fundraising program, please click the button below.

Screen old Position
Old Church
Knights Chapel
Fully restored medieval screen (can you spot it in its old location in the first picture?)
Craftsmen on the roof
Craftsmen on the roof
New northern roof
Fully restored north roof
new kitchenette
Kitchenette in the new annex
Sally and Michael with Loyd Grossman at the 2018 Heritage Alliance awards
Sally and Michael with Loyd Grossman at the 2018 Heritage Alliance awards