By Brook Sustainability Calendar 2022

Following on from COP 26 held in Glasgow last November, this calendar has been launched to hopefully shed some light on what is crucial for the healthy survival of humanity and our planet.

Each month a different big subject relating to sustainable living is being examined to provide us with explanations, information, tips and opportunities for action at home or perhaps in your business or with your local community.

We start the year with CARBON and if you click here you will find the Carbon insight page and access to other months’ insight pages as the year progresses and new insights are added.  You may like to assess your personal carbon impact now by visiting

Next month’s insight will provide ideas about how to make your Money and Investments do good. Future insights uploaded during the year will cover Fairtrade and Fairness (March), Waste (April), Nature (May), Water (June), Transport and Travel (July), Influence (August), Food (September), Energy (October), Community (November), Shopping and Stuff (December).

If you would be keen to get involved with this local initiative and perhaps have an idea for a community project, please contact Mike Roberts.

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