The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, 2nd – 5th June 2022

Celebrating the Queen’s incredible 70 year reign, the church enjoyed welcoming many visitors over the holiday weekend.  All were able to look at the special pictorial display in the church celebrating her life and the jubilee themed flower arrangements.  The church and village were strewn with red, white and blue bunting and we were all relieved the rain stayed away! The church hosted an organ recital of Coronation themed music and we were very grateful to our regular organists, Robin and Maureen Jackson for providing us with such uplifting music.  This was followed by a traditional English tea for everyone in St Andrew’s. 

At our Sunday service (Pentecost), we celebrated the Queen once again.  Following this, many went to the village hall to take part in the village celebration lunch, which the church had organised in conjunction with the village social committee and with the support of the Parish Council.  It was a great opportunity to get together to celebrate the ‘QPJ’ with local friends and families after a very tricky couple of years organising local events.

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